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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Url Structure SEO New Ways

Many ppl structure their urls really fucking crazy and stupid. Apparently most ppl still do not understand the simple logic of pretending the robots are like lil children. So make everything simplistic when you develop site url structures and architecture.

  1. Use single domains...not sub domains...
  2. Have url be easy to read to the human eye....make it look sexy and not fucking ugly with = id=34384783 , or kw=fuck+you...or //343kldfjd.site.com/fdfd/5343/fuckingstupid....NONE OF THAT MAKE IT CLEAN
  3. Have keywords in the url.
  4. Don't be like Disney where they have tens of sites with the same urls and same exact content...one url...one file
  5. Dynamic parameters must not be present...if possible fuck dynamic pages...Static for life yo!
  6. Shorter urls mean better response -- > you wanna get fucking crazy..no fucking folders..keep it all on the first tier baby..that's fucking hot
  7. Title tags mirror file name
  8. Don't fucking put bullshit words in the url like "a, of, and, the, is, an...etc"
  9. Please no punctuation marks in the url
  10. No redirects. 
  11. Again no folders
  12. Using hashes in the url..i am still undecided especially with the increase of hash tag society
  13. Lower case baby...cause let her get low
  14. Do not stuff the urls with keywords...shorter urls the better

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Defeating Duplicate Content Part 1

Many ppl constantly argue about duplicate content and have this idea that duplicate means the actual visible content that the site visitor sees with his or her own eyes. The reality is no that is not the content that is truly at the matter or the issue of duplicate content. Every seo person or sem or marketing or programmer or designer or pr person or advertiser always speaks of that as duplicate content. The truth is the CODE if the code structure is 100% duplicate meaning everything from the image tags to the .php or .html and forth.  From bold to not bold to h1 to h2 to plural vs singular. ITS THE CODE ELEMENTS...if one alters 50% of the code or composes the page in a completely different coding language the aspect of duplicate content diminishes greatly even if the content on the front end is identical. Understand that everything is actually based on the code..behind the scene not on the stage.

but if you don't trust me and still need to focus on "duplicate" content issues..here are some follow the sheep thoughts

Here's a review of the three common solutions to conquering duplicate content:
  1. 301 redirect. Check Page Authority to see if one page has a higher PA than the other using Open Site Explorer, then set up a 301 redirect from the duplicate page to the original page. This will ensure that they no longer compete with one another in the search results. Wondering what a 301 redirect is and how to do it?
  2. Rel=canonical. A rel=canonical tag passes the same amount of ranking power as a 301 redirect, and there's a bonus: it often takes less development time to implement! Add this tag to the HTML head of a web page to tell search engines that it should be treated as a copy of the "canon," or original, page:

  3. noindex, follow. Add the values "noindex, follow" to the meta robots tag to tell search engines not to include the duplicate pages in their indexes, but to crawl their links. This works really well with paginated content or if you have a system set up to tag or categorize content (as with a blog). Here's what it should look like:

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Owned Media Vs Earned Media - Understanding Content Marketing

Owned media is used for your long-term mar­ket­ing objectives. Earned media is used for your short-term mar­ket­ing purposes.
Marketing must have a sound approach to it, and you must first provide valid content to your customer base. Useful content that feeds your audience and helps answer questions they are asking or entertain them. You are not going to talk about cooking steak to a vegan.

What is content?

First content is not just to get links or shares or retweets …it is to provide something useful to your audience. Whether to make them laugh or make them cry or to answer a question or help them make a decision…IT IS TO HELP.

The function of content is

-       Goal identification
-       Audience research
-       Messaging and positioning
-       Channel research
-       Content creation
-       Campaign execution
-       Measuring results

Content is simply the vehicle that contains a anticipated marketing significance that is then conveyed via a channel to an audience.

The different types of content

In overall, there is owned media and earned media. (There is also paid media, but that mainly means to pay to get earned content placement on a website.)
  • Owned media is content you publish on outlets you own (e.g., your website)
  • Earned media is content other outlets freely give you (e.g., bylined articles and news coverage)
When should you use owned versus earned media? In other words: Say you create a great piece of content. When should you publish it on your website and when should you publish it somewhere else?

My feelings is only publish a portion else where and bring the user back to your site to finishing reading, watching, listening or digesting the rest of the content.

Why you should use owned media

  1. You will own the content forever. If you publish, say, a blog post on your company website, then you will own and have access to that document for as long as you own your website. However, you have no guarantee of how long your content will remain on another website.
  2. Your website can rank in the search engines. Why should another website receive the search benefits of your hard work? If I write an e-book that targets a keyword theme addressing informational queries, I want my website to rank for those search terms for the foreseeable future to generate top-of-the-funnel awareness.
  3. It enhances brand building. The more you pub­lish (and promote), the more your brand authority will grow over time as the content gets traf­fic, news coverage, men­tions, and ­links. 

Why you should use earned media

  1. You can use someone else's audience. A bylined article or news coverage about you on a website or publication read by 100,000 people provides invaluable exposure.
  2. You can earn links.  you should not be submitting countless, short guest posts to random websites to get links. A targeted post on a respected website can gain numerous links for your brand. 
  3. You can likely build brand awareness more quickly. Building a brand on your own can take a long time, especially if you are a new business or startup with few readers and social followers. At my prior agency, we got an unknown CEO interviewed or published in what the public relations industry refers to as "Tier 3 outlets." Then, we took those interviews to "Tier 2 outlets" as proof that he was an influencer worthy to quote or be published in their outlets. From there we went to "Tier 1 outlets" for coverage. This had a tremendous positive impact for the business overall. 

Owned media

  • Is it an attempt to rank highly in search results for a certain keyword theme over time? An example would be an essay that addresses a pain point your target customers have, one they would attempt to address by searching Google. At my prior agency, I wrote a guide to international SEO a few years ago. Last I checked, the agency still ranked in the top four for searches relating to "international SEO strategy" because of that document.
  • Is it part of your sales funnel? Perhaps the sidebar of your website includes a call-to-action to download an e-book. Of course, people would have to provide an e-mail address, and the e-book could contain links to product pages and sales representatives.

Earned media

  • Is it meant to introduce and/or brand yourself to a targeted audience? A client at my prior agency was a mobile advertising network. We had gotten bylined opinion articles for the CEO on major websites that are all about mobile devices and Internet advertising. Over time, the CEO received more and more attention from larger and larger publications, which helped his personal brand and that of the company's as well. (This is the real reason for so-called guest posting.)
  • Is it meant to generate more immediate sales and/or social media followers? If your company is in a B2B industry, for example, then LinkedIn is an obvious platform on which to publish. By posting on LinkedIn Pulse, you can get more followers of the author's profile (see an important thought below on company versus individual branding) business connections, leads, and thought leadership. 

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