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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ZYTIGA Prostate Cancer Drug - ZYTIGA Jnj - ZYTIGA Johnson & Johnson Drug

so cool new ZYTIGA Prostate Cancer Drug - ZYTIGA Jnj - ZYTIGA Johnson & Johnson Drug

New drug out to help with prostate cancer, maybe they will need some help with seo for promoting the drug.....i would love to get on board with that....

“Zytiga prolonged the lives of men with late-stage prostate cancer who had received prior treatments and had few available therapeutic options,” Richard Pazdur, director of the Office of Oncology Drug Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in the statement.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It is essential that link building go hand in-hand with good seo

3) It is essential that link building go hand in-hand with good seo (title, description, 
keyword tag) included ?

yes link building is counter productive if the site is crap, it's like building a house...the foundation and structure must be in good tact before focusing on deciding what color to paint the mail box

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A new project that i was working on, interesting stuff dealing with american history, and the fact that what we know might  be wrong

The Kensington Rune Stone is a medieval artifact recently proven to be authentic. Read the story here of how, for over 100 years, repeated claims of hoax have been debunked forcing a major rewrite of American history.

In 1898, a Minnesota farmer unearthed this carved stone while felling a tree. It unleashed a storm of controversy that has still not abated today. Branded a hoax, the family of Olof Ohman endured scorn, ridicule and lies. The stone itself was “borrowed” by an unscrupulous researcher and never returned.

Over 100 years later, the stone rests in a small museum. While it had many adherents through the years, today new technology and newly discovered documents are tilting the scales sharply away from the possibility that the rune stone is the product of Olof’s hoax. These pages provide an overview of where we are with Kensington Rune Stone research. The information here is factual and correct but we do not claim to be unbiased - we believe the rune stone is genuine.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


medical equipment companies have a lot to gain from seo. Most people these days begin their medical equipment buying and medical equipment research online and the web, making medical equipment SEO an essential tool for online success.
  • SEO, Business, and Commerce The medical equipment industry is one of the most competitive industries in terms of search engine optimization and Internet web marketing. Thus, medical equipment SEO takes a lot of time and effort if you want to do it right. That's where this website comes into the picture. On this site, you can learn everything you need to know about SEO success — everything from website content to link building, and beyond!
What is medical equipment SEO?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So many different markets need seo services

With some many different industries out there in the world, and with the expansion of business not being just contained by your local market, because the internet provides the option to do business world wide, but attracting customers and clients from around the world without having an extensive sales force means...search engine optimization and the industries that i have mentioned on this page are industries that can truly take advantage of seo tactics and strategies


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Here are our 56 tips to improve your website and how search engines view them.

1.  Include relevant content, relevant to your page description and Meta keywords.
2.  Instead of changing your URL or redirecting from your old URL to your new URL, follow Google's procedure on URL changes to make sure your new site doesn't get skipped, or just avoid URL changes if you can.
3.  Don't post duplicate content on your site, so if you quote another page only include a small excerpt and don't repeat your own content on multiple pages.
4. Avoid flash, even though it looks cool, flash and animated banners and intros annoy visitors and search engine bots don't read them.
5. Submit to quality directories.
6 Make sure your robot.txt files are not blocking destination URLs that you do not want blocked.
7. Choose your Meta keywords wisely and include them in your content.
8. Strive to obtain quality links into your site.
9. If you use icon or image links, include a text link.
10. If you operate an affiliate site, make your site a valuable resource, so people chose your site rather than go straight to your affiliate.
11. Add a site map.
12. Don't use link schemes.
13. Write specific content, so searches can find applicable results. Instead of writing "books," write "medical text books" or "organic cookbooks"; be specific.
14.If you include low quality links on your site, block them from being scanned by Googlebot.
15. Don't break up your content too much, like loads of banner ads and so on in the middle or your text, irritates readers and bots.
16. Write unique and compelling content.
17. Don't forget to include your page descriptions.
18. Don't bury text content in images.
19. Look for un-indexed URLs, URL with more than a few parameters or dynamic links, they may be skipped.
20. Stay up-to-date on SEO, your strategies need to constantly evolve.
21. Deliver what you promise, don't drive readers to inapplicable or irrelevant pages.
22. Carefully consider your titles, make sure to include targeted keywords.
23. Don't forget humor or other devices that attract and keep readers.
24. Add text links with anchor links.
25. Keep links out and in up-to-date.
26. Start a blog or forum if it makes sense on your site.
27. Join BBB or your local Chamber of Commerce or other reputable business associations.
28. Submit articles to respectable and active article sites.
29. Add Alt tags to images for people that disable images.
30. Validate and 508 your site for accessibility.
31. Submit your business description to Wikipedia or other popular information sites.
32. Consider adding maps or mashups.
33. Submit to multiple search engines.
34. Consider marketing some of your subpages or articles that have less competition.
35. Don't forget good old-fashion PR.
36. Start a little controversy.
37. Consider adding an RSS feed.
38. Write "top ten" lists, which are popular with article search sites.
39. Build a good site that others want to link to.
40. Eliminate grammar and spelling errors.
41. Publish a privacy policy.
42. Send out press releases when it makes sense.
43. Avoid hidden text and links.
44. Keep your content up-to-date.
45. Don't employ redirects or "cloaking."
46. Don't create pages with bad content, like viruses, trojans, malware and so on.
47. Steer clear of empty, unoriginal affiliate pages.
48. Make sure every page is assessable through at least on static text link.
49. Use text, instead of images to relate important content.
50. Check for broken links.
51. Don't put too many links on one page, even if it is a resource page, keep it well under 100.
52. Test out your site with a text browser.
53. Be leery of badly placed session IDs and arguments.
54. Employ the IF-Modified-Since HTTP header to let Google know if your content has changed.
55. Don't use "&id=" as a URL parameter, they are not indexed.
   56. Avoid deceptive or manipulative techniques.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2 UI Engineers near SAN MATEO, CA


I am looking to fill and hire 2 UI Engineer positions (posted below)  ASAP for SAN MATEO CALIFORNIA AREA!!  If you are interested or know someone who may be, please send me your/their resume in Word format and I will see what I can do about getting you in on the interview schedule.  My associates are looking to start interviewing on Thursday. 

If you send someone my way that gets successfully placed, I will be happy to honor a referral fee of up to US $500 for your efforts.

Please include your salary expectations

Kind Regards,
Mike Ahuja

**Needed!! 2 UI Engineers near SAN MATEO, CA**

  • The best candidates will have solid experience developing web applications utilizing Web 2.0 technologies. Facebook platform and scaling experience is a huge plus.
  • This candidate will be addressing critical issues on some of our biggest game titles, which have several million users across multiple social networks. You must be able to write coherent, organized code and be comfortable working on a complicated code-base with high levels of abstraction.
Required Skills:
  • Minimum: Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or above
  • 5-10 years of industry experience in full cycle web application development (experience with both backend, frontend and platform integration)
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript (Prototype/JQuery), AJAX
  • Familiar with at least PHP or Ruby on Rails or JSP
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly
  • Experience touching lots of different technologies
  • Passion for software development and OO Design
  • Demonstrated ability / knowledge of web application scaling
Nice to Have:
  • Strong Facebook and/or MySpace platform experience
  • Comfortable working with huge data sets and massively high concurrent-user load
  • Experience with memchache a plus
  • Experience with sharding and/or sharded databases a big plus

send resume to :

info@googlesearchresult.net or mikeahuja@yahoo.com or call 818-355-4076

Monday, April 4, 2011

California SEO Company

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