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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ponzi Lawyers: Pyramid Scheme Charges!

Best Pyramid Scheme Lawyers

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Have you been wrongfully accused of defrauding investors by running a Pyramid Scheme or what we now refer to as a Bernie Madoff Scheme?

In today's sophisticated investment environment, there is sometimes a fine line between a legitimate business opportunity or investment medium and felony investment fraud.

In a pyramid scheme, investors try to make money by enlisting other investors who, in turn, enlist more people. Typically, participants are asked to pay to join and become a distributor of a product or service. Those who get in early make money from later investors. When the supply of new investors runs dry, however, the entire pyramid collapses, some people do loose money.

Today, e-mail and the Internet are often used to recruit pyramid scheme investors.

The Federal Ponzi scheme

Felony Ponzi scheme is like a felony pyramid scheme, but is restricted by one central figure. Rather than a business investment opportunity, a Ponzi scheme involves an obscure investment vehicle with an unreasonably high rate of return. Early investors are paid by the investments of later on investors. But fraud transaction records encourage them to believe that the investment itself is actually generating the promised rate of return.

The scheme was named for Charles Ponzi, who became famous for using the technique to defraud investors in the early 20th century but now has taken new heights with Bernie Madoff.

What To Do Next?

If you have been accused of being involved in a felony pyramid scheme, you should hire a criminal lawyer or attorney to help you with your case. Felony Pyramid Scheme lawyers and felony attorneys represent individuals who have been charged with Ponzi and Pyramid Scheme crimes by arguing their cases in courts of law. After your arrest on grounds of conducting a pyramid scheme, request a Federal lawyer or contact a private criminal lawyer or felony attorney immediately, Wise Laws can help your for sure.

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Your criminal attorney will not only be familiar with laws concerning pyramid schemes in your state, but will also have knowledge of any precedents or recent cases which might have a relevant bearing on your case. Additionally, skilled criminal lawyers are well versed in the customs of court and the political and legal climate of that particular jurisdiction regards these schemes. Therefore, they will be able to work in your best interest, possibly brokering a plea deal or arguing for your felony defense should your case go to felony trial.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Have you been charged with violating open alcohol container law?

Best Open Container Violation Lawyers

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Have you been charged with violating open alcohol container law?

Wise Laws Open Container Violation lawyers represent clients throughout in defending against open container charges.

It is unlawful in America for the driver or passengers to have an "open container" of any alcohol in the car. This applies to open empty containers of alcoholic beverages, or open containers with alcoholic beverages in them.

Open container is a misdemeanor, usually punished by a fine. In a vehicle with multiple occupants in which no one will take the blame, the officer will often cite the person who is closest to the container. Can you hold an alcoholic beverage in a plastic beer cup while walking along the street? It really depends on the open container laws, for example Las Vegas, you can but other cities you cannot.

Tallahassee Open Container Lawyers - Orlando Open Container Lawyers - Dallas Open Container Lawyers - Fort Worth Open Container Lawyers - Honolulu Open Container Lawyers - Boise Open Container Lawyers - Bismarck Open Container Lawyers - Grafton Open Container Lawyers - Raleigh Open Container Lawyers - Durham Open Container Lawyers - Santa Fe Open Container Lawyers -Albuquerque Open Container Lawyers - Albany Open Container Lawyers - Phoenix Open Container Lawyers - Peoria Open Container Lawyers - Las Vegas Open Container Lawyers - Louisville Open Container Lawyers - Little Rock Open Container Lawyers - Los Angeles Open Container Lawyers - Miami Open Container Lawyers - Des Moines Open Container Lawyers - New Haven Open Container Lawyers - Indianapolis Open Container Lawyers - Detroit Open Container Lawyers - Joplin Open Container Lawyers - Biloxi Open Container Lawyers - Oklahoma City Open Container Lawyers - Portland Open Container Lawyers - Sioux Falls Open Container Lawyers - Nashville Open Container Lawyers - Memphis Open Container Lawyers - Houston Open Container Lawyers - Tacoma Open Container Lawyers - Minneapolis Open Container Lawyers - Provo Open Container Lawyers - Tulsa Open Container Lawyers - Annapolis Open Container Lawyers - Sacramento Open Container Lawyers - Denver Open Container Lawyers - Charlotte Open Container Lawyers - Boston Open Container Lawyers - Olympia Open Container Lawyers - Atlanta Open Container Lawyers - Santa Monica Open Container Lawyers - Malibu Open Container Lawyers - Tucson Open Container Lawyers - Scottsdale Open Container Lawyers - Beverly Hills Open Container Lawyers - Boca Raton Open Container Lawyers

Open container laws provide a number of objectives. Most particularly, open container laws mean to:

  • To maintain a respectable quality of life and to keep people from being drunk in public, which equates to less rowdy behavior
  • Preventing car accidents
  • Giving funding for transportation
  • What are Open Container Laws?

    Open container law constrains where people can consume alcohol in public. Exactly what a public place is depends on the specific.

  • Sidewalks
  • Inside a car
  • Front steps entrance of a building
  • Schools
  • Inside a parking lot

  • Wise Laws deals with many student cases, which may be charged with additional offenses such as minor in possession, or underage consumption. College students may be subject to suspension or expulsion for alcohol offenses that violate school policies when it comes to open container laws.

    Wednesday, July 27, 2016

    The Nesting Chick - Home Decor and Gifts

    Perhaps we have planned a wedding, or planned a family, or planned out a career, maybe we planned out calendars and meals. Sadly, sometimes we have watched our plans fall apart. Either way, you get it- that we get it. We are embracing the process as we all move forward throughout these phases.
    We happen to have met in our children’s classroom and although world’s apart at first, we quickly came together. The two separate worlds that sometimes make you stand in one corner of the room rather than another, one of us a stay at home Mom and the other a working Mom. We realized quickly that we were still in the very same phase and the walls came down. We both believed in family first, education, community, good food and teaching both empathy and resilience to our children.
    Whether you live in a suburban town like Basking Ridge, NJ, a quiet ranch or a bustling city we all have roots somewhere. We happen to love our somewhere that has a tight knit feel, rich in community and education. “From the earliest days of Bernards Township, the residents of this small farming community valued education”(Schoolhouses of Early Bernards Township, p.7)
    We valued all of the friendships we made in many classrooms along the way but we also maintained a sisterhood with all of the women in our lives that didn’t have families.
    Our kids are in High School now and our path has reunited in this phase thorough an ideology and business that supports home.
    Whether you are in your nest or out of your nest, whether you are a stay at home Mom, a working Mom or not a Mom at all- we invite all Chicks in all phases of life to join us on a journey of creating and recreating the feeling of coming home…it’s at the heart of everything we do!

    Best Restraining Order Violation Lawyers

    Best Restraining Order Violation Lawyers

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    Restraining order violations may be issued against a relative, husband, wife, or even a stranger, to protect a person who believes that he or she is being threatened, harassed, and endangered. At Wise Laws our lawyers and legal team help clients in obtaining or defending against restraining orders and violations. If you feel threatened, we will help you obtain the legal protection of a restraining order.

    Find Restraining Order Violation Defense Lawyer

    At Wise Laws Defense Law Firm, the criminal defense lawyers are very knowledgeable in defending restraining order violations. In many restraining order violation cases, we have been able to persuade the Petitioner to withdraw the restraining order prior to the formal hearing.

    Tallahassee Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Orlando Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Dallas Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Fort Worth Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Honolulu Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Boise Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Bismarck Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Grafton Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Raleigh Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Durham Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Santa Fe Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Albuquerque Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Albany Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Phoenix Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Peoria Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Las Vegas Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Louisville Restraining Order Violation Lawyers -Little Rock Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Los Angeles Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Miami Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Des Moines Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - New Haven Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Indianapolis Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Detroit Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Joplin Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Biloxi Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Oklahoma City Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Portland Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Sioux Falls Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Nashville Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Memphis Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Houston Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Tacoma Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Minneapolis Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Provo Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Tulsa Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Annapolis Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Sacramento Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Denver Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Charlotte Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Boston Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Olympia Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Atlanta Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Santa Monica Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Malibu Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Tucson Restraining Order Violation Lawyers -Scottsdale Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Beverly Hills Restraining Order Violation Lawyers - Boca Raton Restraining Order Violation Lawyers

    Many restraining order conditions can curtail from domestic violence charges and or cases, civil harassment cases and or family law cases. These orders can have a upsetting effect on the restrained individual. He or she may not be able have contact with their own children, loved ones, and may be forced to move out of their own home.


    At the legal offices of Wise Laws located, we have years in defending men and women served with a restraining order petitions and violations. We defend them assertively and investigate the allegations thoroughly to protect our clients rights.

    Call the Wise Laws to speak with a Restraining Order Violation Lawyer TODAY

    24 Hours 7 Days per week LOCAL Best Lawyer For Restraining Order Violation

    Sunday, July 24, 2016

    Federal Lawyers: RICO Charges

    Best RICO Lawyers

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    Wise Laws has felony rico defense attorneys on staff possessing a superior understanding of the complicated laws and issues applying to Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) litigation. We defend persons facing racketeering charges in America.

    Several of our RICO attorneys have worked previously as federal prosecutors in various cities across the country and have strategic insights of RICO trials, including the process of investigations, and how to defend those charged with racketeering.

    Our background includes knowledge of and experience with:

  • Racketeering
  • Bribery and bribery-related cases, including sports bribery
  • Acts or threats involving Murder, murder for hire or Kidnapping
  • Gambling and transmission of gambling information
  • Extortion
  • Trafficking of Drugs or other controlled substances
  • Counterfeiting and money laundering
  • Restriction on payments and loans to labor organizations
  • Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud and financial institution fraud
  • Unlawful reproduction of papers or procurement of citizenship or naturalization
  • False statements relating to the application, use, misuse or forgery of a passport, visas, permits or other documents
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Peonage, slavery or trafficking in persons

    Felony RICO Penalties

    The maximum penalties for a person charged as a racketeer are stiff and may include up to 20 years time in prison and enormous fines. In addition to this, forfeiture of the business, personal holdings and any monies accumulated from the criminal activity are usually to be expected in settlement. These cases do not end in criminal court, since they are often re-tried in civil courts where plaintiffs are permitted to bring actions resulting in triple damage awards.

    Government investigators are highly trained at uncovering racketeering schemes and will manipulate juries to believe that greed is the only factor - thus negating any sympathetic feeling from the jury. Once a racketeering scheme is uncovered, inexperienced trial defense attorneys often miss critical sections in the law that might be applicable in specific situations. Wise Laws has a team of attorneys experienced on all aspects of the laws applicable to racketeering.

    RICO Defense Strategies

    Wise Laws has a successful history of winning in RICO defense cases and represents people facing racketeering and other serious charges. The RICO attorneys at Wise Laws know the applicable laws and legislation, understand issues relating to judges, RICO prosecutors, RICO district attorneys and the technology used against in the defense of racketeering or organized crime related charges.

    Tallahassee Racketeering Lawyers - Orlando Racketeering Lawyers - Dallas Racketeering Lawyers - Fort Worth Racketeering Lawyers - Honolulu Racketeering Lawyers - Boise Racketeering Lawyers -Bismarck Racketeering Lawyers - Grafton Racketeering Lawyers - Raleigh Racketeering Lawyers - Durham Racketeering Lawyers - Santa Fe Racketeering Lawyers - Albuquerque Racketeering Lawyers -Albany Racketeering Lawyers - Phoenix Racketeering Lawyers - Peoria Racketeering Lawyers - Las Vegas Racketeering Lawyers - Louisville Racketeering Lawyers - Little Rock Racketeering Lawyers - Los Angeles Racketeering Lawyers - Miami Racketeering Lawyers - Des Moines Racketeering Lawyers - New Haven Racketeering Lawyers - Indianapolis Racketeering Lawyers - Detroit Racketeering Lawyers -Joplin Racketeering Lawyers - Biloxi Racketeering Lawyers - Oklahoma City Racketeering Lawyers - Portland Racketeering Lawyers - Sioux Falls Racketeering Lawyers - Nashville Racketeering Lawyers -Memphis Racketeering Lawyers - Houston Racketeering Lawyers - Tacoma Racketeering Lawyers - Minneapolis Racketeering Lawyers - Provo Racketeering Lawyers - Tulsa Racketeering Lawyers -Annapolis Racketeering Lawyers - Sacramento Racketeering Lawyers - Denver Racketeering Lawyers - Charlotte Racketeering Lawyers - Boston Racketeering Lawyers - Olympia Racketeering Lawyers -Atlanta Racketeering Lawyers - Santa Monica Racketeering Lawyers - Malibu Racketeering Lawyers - Tucson Racketeering Lawyers - Scottsdale Racketeering Lawyers - Beverly Hills Racketeering Lawyers -Boca Raton Racketeering Lawyers


    We have experience with the following types of RICO litigation:

  • Legitimate business claims
  • Police misconduct
  • False accusations
  • RICO enforcement actions
  • Victim reliance conflicts
  • Dismissal actions

    FELONY Racketeering charges are charges requiring an experienced team who understand the laws and fight aggressively to win. Call the RICO defense lawyers at Wise Laws today.

    24 Hours 7 Days per week LOCAL BEST Lawyer For RICO