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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Youtube Ranking Boost

Youtube is of course the main video site, quality wise i prefer vimeo but of course youtube is where the ppl tend to go...

youtube is broken down into two segments "content" and "engagement" ...yes some people buy views which i think is just ass nine cause they are real views and ppl whom desire interest in your video so why buy views....it's lame!!!


  1. have TITLE greatness
  2. have a god damn real description, be detailed and the more the better...include a link as well...
  3. tage the video to accuracy
  4. the transcription feature on youtube is very important...they use it to help index your video (i personally have never used it but i know it's high on value of ranking your video)
  5. deliver quality videos not crap

  1. views are important but attention to quality of views is far more important, as youtube pays attention to how long ppl watch your video for as well as the time code they close your video.
  2. inbound links to your channel page and specific video page
  3. social share, the more ppl share your video the higher your video will rank
  4. embed codes, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU TURN THIS OFF, PPL do...but makes no sense...let ppl embed your video on their sites and blogs...u get credit for it...encourage it
  5. comments are golden, good or bad comments doesnt matter as long as ppl comment and even more props youtube gives you for video comment responses the feature they allow now.
  6. thumbs up or thumbs down...likes and dislikes...any of them are good...as it helps the engagement ranking of your video...

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