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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Social Media Is A Way Of Life

Social Media Is A Way Of Life

Recently I took a quasi undercover job, not in the aspect of corporate espionage to further intelligence of a competitor but rather to learn about how other seo companies run and operate from the internal level rather than just with their clients.  A fascinating experience it was especially in the realm of social media strategy amongst the clients, and this is not just limited to this seo social media company as I have learned it is a rampant trend with social media companies around the the globe.

What is social media?

We all know what social media services are out there like the facebook, twitter, and so forth but what is the social media lifestyle?  Living a social media lifestyle is a way to utilize technology and social media websites to empower with force learning and education, communications, collaboration, and community vibes.  A social media lifestyle makes one life easier because you can actively keep track of conversations related to your community, industry, business, friends, family, interests, subcultures, and so forth using various social media tools.  In the social media lifestyle you can instantly jump into the conversations.  The social media lifestyle connects everyone and all of our thoughts into one ever expanding realm of consciousness.  So what is social media, well if done right, it becomes a way of life.

Social Media Jobs Description

While undercover at an unnamed Los Angeles seo company, I personally was not in charge of the social media but was some what involved as social media is just really a tool for seo as well as public relations.  I do realize that the social media companies when performing tasks for their clients are representing their clients in the end but the trend that I am seeing with these social media consulting type companies is a direction of nothingness but just the idea of social media rather than understanding and comprehending their client’s clientele and customers.  

Social media companies seem to be setting forth plans to clients that we will send blah amounts of tweets per week, blah amount of facebook post per week, blah amount of google + posts per week, and the list goes on.  What I saw with this Los Angeles seo company and their social media division was, we need to get every freaking tweet for example reviewed by the client ahead of time prior to tweeting it, everyone we follow must be approved first by the client and so forth on uncommonly useless demands that have no solid bearing on the concepts of powerful and influential social media.  Social media is simply about social interaction, not selling your products or services, in fact the less you talk about your products and services the better your social media becomes.

Mike Ahuja

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unsend Email From Gmail - You Sent An Email Now Unsend It

You clicked send and then it SENT. Oh crap FUCK ME!!!!


Only if you could unsend an email, or why even call it email...just call it gmail cause that's the only thing anyone uses anyhow.

We'll meet Gmail's new undo feature...in the Gmail labs....

It gives you a 30-second time period like a bomb about to explode  to "undo" sending an outgoing email...you get 30 seconds to diffuse the bomb before she gets the email you wish you had not written....

1. First go to settings and now pick labs

2. Next scroll down until  you find the "undo send" plugin and enable that

3. Next Hit save changes at the bottom

4.  Next up ...no more HEART ATTACKS!!!!  When you send an email a yellow dialogue box will pop up and will give you the option of "Undo" ...Click it and the email will now reopen, un sent in the email compose window.  

5.  Currently when you install the app to undo the email it defaults at 10 secs before the option to unsend the email vanishes...but go into the general settings now...and you will see an option of various time increments,,,,,,as stated below...sometimes ...you need that extra 20 seconds to realize like OH FUCK WHY DID I SEND THAT EMAIL!!!!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Facebook Insights Is Dead

Facebook once offered a tool called Facebook Insights for Domains. This tool allowed you to get valuable information on any traffic that was referred to your verified domain from Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook has killed it off. When my post went viral on Facebook, I had no visibility other than that the traffic was coming from Facebook and Facebook mobile. I had no idea what pages or groups the applicable conversations were happening on, and thus had no way to respond to conversations happening behind the wall. This was a huge frustration throughout the whole process.  by https://plus.google.com/+DannyDover/posts

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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Moz Top 10 December 2013

The Moz Top 10

Only two more issues before the we draw 2013 to a close. So much has changed this year, it's got our heads spinning. Thank goodness we have Roger and friends to sort through all the news and point us in the right direction!
German born marketer Marcus Tandler has become famous for his rapid-fire presentations and future-facing insights. Finally, Marcus has made it to the TEDx stage to share his predictions with the world.
Business owners will soon be able to monitor reviews from thousands of sites that Google crawls within a single dashboard.
Working as deputy director of front-end web development for Obama for America, Kyle reveals how his team shattered every record using optimization and A/B testing.
The average lifespan of a tweet is measured in minutes, not days. If you share your best content once and forget it, this post may surprise you.
Tammy Everts reports the average top-1,000 web page is 1,575 KB, a 26% increase in total page size in just six months. Are images to blame?
Bing's Webmaster Tools now allows you to claim your social pages, connect them to your account, and see all related data.
Forget the hype and the pseudo-science. Eric Enge digs in and explains exactly how Google+ impacts your search results right now.
Where do websites go when they die? Who knows, because these sites never did!
While there is no evidence that Google uses author rank in its search algorithm, the mad geniuses at Virante created a formula to guesstimate your author rank based on your Google+ profile. Tons of fun.
Did you know the fastest-growing demographic on Twitter is the 55–64 year age bracket? That's only the first surprising fact!

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