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Thursday, June 30, 2016

If a person is charged with drug possession

Best Drug Possession Lawyers

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Wise Laws is a respected legal services firm with great relationship with Drug Possession lawyers, which are located across the country LOCAL to you. For more than two decades, our aggressive drug Possession attorneys have successfully defended clients charged with serious felony and misdemeanor charges, including drug cases dealing with cocaine, crystal meth, and many other types of drugs. If you have been charged with a drug Possession offense, you are facing serious charges and should hire a skilled drug Possession charge lawyer from Wise Laws, ASAP. Call today for a free legal consultation as when you have been arrested for a drug Possession crime, you might have many questions that need to be answered.

The following are some drug Possession crimes and charges that may carry with them serious penalties if an individual is convicted:

Arrest Drug Possession:

The crime of Possession an illegal controlled substance such as marijuana, lsd, acid, pcp, cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, speed, tweak, ecstasy, mushrooms, opium, and more just to name a few. The Possession of drugs is punishable by both stated and federal laws. If a person is charged with drug possession, the drug courts will consider the amount of drugs that you had in your hands, as the reason of possession, if you had intent to sell.

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Charge Drug Possession with Intent to Sell:

Possessing a large amount of controlled substances such as cocaine, speed, meth, marijuana, hash, or etc may result in a charge of possession with intent to sell in your city. Even if the person possessing the substance has no intention of selling or distributing, they are many times charged with intent to sell anyway, due to the fact of a larger quantity other than societal norms of personal consumption. This is a very serious charge and carries with it harsh punishments if convicted. Having an best attorney can help to reduce these charges to possession, if the right approach is taken, so call us today.

Drug Possession in America:

This charge refers to the crime of transporting, Possession, and selling illegal and unlawful drugs. This is a similar to intent to sell, but with a much grander scale of operations of quantity of narcotics. It is illegal to Possession drugs such as heroin, meth, steroids, morphine, and other banned substances. Possession laws differ in each jurisdiction, when a person is charged with Possession, the drug courts will evaluate the case to see whom the offender has sold to minor, for example minors or no minors. Convicted Possession offenders face legal penalties such as imprisonment, fines, house arrest, probation, community service, and mandatory registration as a drug offender.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ways You're Destroying Your Marketing Campaign

You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

This is the first sin that you can commit, and one which can definitely derail your entire online marketing campaign before it even gets started.
The success or failure of your campaign is determined by whether you know who your target audience is and what they're looking for from your business. It’s that simple.
You need to create an ideal customer profile so you're well aware of your target audience before you get started. Try to make that profile as specific as possible, segment the different elements of your audience, then work to address the pain points your products/services can solve for each.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

21 Checklists to Optimize Modern Ecommerce Store

1. E-Commerce Store Platform to Make Your Store Live
2. E-Commerce Store Branding to Stay Relevant
3. Live Chat Option for Quick Assistance
4. Onpage SEO Optimization to Make Your Store Stand Out
5. Blog to Add Value to the Site
6. Analyze Customer Engagement for More Improvement
7. Ecommerce Remarketing to Increase Exposure
8. HTML5 Structure for Improved Layout
9. Keyword-Rich Product Descriptions to Rank Better
10. Search Box for Easier Browsing
11. High Quality Content to Engage Customers
12. Featured Products to Show Latest Collections or Offers
13. Related Products to Make another Sale
14.  Site Speed for Better Customer Experience
15. Mobile Optimization to Fit Every Screen Size
16. Newsletter Subscription to Keep Customers & Prospects Updated
17. Simple Payment Gateway to Complete Checkout
18. Easy Customer Registration & Login
19. Delivery Information to Nonsense Abandoned Carts
20. Social Media Presence to Grow Your Visibility

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 Ways To Make TOP Social Media Content With Shit Budgets

First off you must know what is your target's main social media. Yes use all of the social media stuff but design for the main one because you are limited on budget so that means, very little tailoring for each platform. With little budget in the pipe, means FUCK Your SOCIAL MEDIA calendar...you do not have that luxury. You must plan with hours only based upon what is going on in society on that given day.

Often, marketing teams believe that their social media content requires a large production budget to have any impact on their audience.


1. Make your content visual

Use visuals and graphics wherever possible
Take real photos with an above-cellphone quality camera for maximum style points
Use video to get your point across faster

2. Get to know your audience

Have questions and surveys for your audience, stalk  them on FB and IG and learn about what they like. Once you know your audience you can target your social media content a little bit better.

3. Use user-generated content


4. Tell a story

Ppl like stories. Tell them. Keep them on going and maybe interactive across platforms.

5. Be polarizing

Create engagement ...even if ppl dont agree with your stance...you are creating interaction...

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